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Why The Internet Is So Obsessed With Jenna Ortega

If you have a phone, an internet connection, or a smart TV, chances are you've seen Jenna Ortega's highly celebrated dance to the iconically strange Goo Goo Muck in her new hit show WEDNESDAY.

In true viral fashion, the self-choreographed scene was exploding on video share platforms within 24 hours of the show's Netflix release, and at this point its popularity is only growing (Russian Olympic figure skater Kamila Valieva did a top-notch reenactment for the Russian Figure Skating Championships in case you missed it).

So, why is the internet so obsessed with this instant classic of a dance scene?

Let's break down the top six things Jenna Ortega did to get everyone talking about it, watching it, and jumping over themselves to participate in it.


She took a classic and made it her own:

When Jenna chose to choreograph the dance herself based on research she'd done into the history of the Addams family brand, the gothic club scene, and iconic goth figures of the past - she took an idea that everyone was familiar with and breathed new life into it.

As consumers, we're all about nostalgia. It's why we love a reimagined classic, so we can relive the feelings and experiences of cherished past memories. BUT, we only love a reimagined classic as much as its newness surprises and delights us.

Too similar, and it feels a bit dull. Too different, and it feels like too much of a departure.

Jenna's performance put her squarely in the sweet spot of her audience's nostalgic fantasies by harkening back to the original (long time fans will recognize the Wednesday shuffle from the classic series as part of her dance), but adding her own imaginative flair.

This same principle can be applied to branding by taking a concept your audience is familiar with, and putting an exciting new twist it in.

A great example: summer camps for adults…all the fun and nostalgia of your childhood, plus some crafted cocktails and a later curfew. What's not to love?


She's niche, niche, niche