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The Secret To Reaching Your Full Business Potential

It's October, which means many of us are starting to think about {or have already started} business planning for the coming year. What new goals do we want to set? Where do we want to lead our businesses to next? How will we reach the next level? Is our business still serving us as is?

Today, I addressed an idea I think is worth sharing. The topic? How to reimagine the way you approach your business planning for 2023.

I want to challenge you to:

Just like a road trip, your business is a journey, and that journey requires planning.

What route will you take? How quickly or leisurely will you try to get where you're going? What precautions are you taking to make sure you arrive safely?

All of these practical, analytical questions are essential to arriving at your destination. But do you know what's just as important to a successful, memorable road trip?

The pit stops.

Where will you venture off the beaten path and do something adventurous? Where will you stop to fuel up so you can keep making progress toward the destination?