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My Method To More Revenue Through Strategic Website Planning

The non-negotiable employee you NEED to hire...

is a better website.

One of my jobs as a branding architect and web designer is to think about ways my client's websites can be working harder for them. My philosophy is...if you're investing serious money in designing, writing, and managing a custom website {as you should}, the least your website can do is return your investment by acting as a sales associate for your business.

Three ways I help my clients do that?

1) Getting creative with the type of pages we include to build trust, maximize conversions, and tap into various possible revenue streams {see my recent favs here}.

2) Approaching website copy from the lens of pre-qualification. Your copy should address who's a good fit for your service and naturally deter those who aren't {more on that here}.

3) Building a multi-faceted selling MACHINE by strategically placing freebie offers that get people invested in your business until they know, like, and trust you enough to buy {check out this post to learn why freebies are actual sales GOLD}.

The tricky thing is...sometimes it's hard to decipher whether or not your website is working as hard as it can for you. You might draw a blank on what you could add or change to make it more valuable.

So, here's a helpful trick I use to clarify this when planning a client's website design and copy.

Take out a sheet of paper and draw a line down the middle.

In the left hand column, write ALL the ways your business brings in money. Direct services {do you have one service or multiple types}? Coaching or training? Affiliate partnerships? Products? Profit sharing? Write every single avenue through which money flows to you down on paper - no form of revenue is too small.

In the right hand column, think of all the easy-to-implement ways you could offer free value to your target audience. Write at least 10 {more is great} freebies you could create that wouldn't take you longer than a day to implement {if you're not sure what a freebie is, check out this post and read the list in the caption}. If you can think of more than 10, keep going until you run out of ideas.

Now, as you look at the left hand column...are all of the revenue makers you have listed for your business PROMINENTLY and COMPELLINGLY addressed on your website? If you're an affiliate partner to other brands you believe you have an affiliate page on your website so people can shop your favorite brands in a beautiful and comprehensive way? If you get profit share anytime you bring someone new to your you have a "Why I Love It Here" page on your website? If you book paid gigs to teach workshops or speak publicly on a topic, do you have a page dedicated to educating people on what you teach and how to book you? Is your website actually SPEAKING TO all the ways your business makes money?

As you look at the right hand you have freebies built into your website now? If your answer is yes, are they still relevant? Do they need to be replaced or updated? Where does it make the most sense as a natural "next step" for your audience to say yes to? If there's not a natural place now, where can you build in a new section? What relatable stories can you link to your freebies to get people interested and invested? Are the header and footer of your site calling people to join, subscribe, opt in, contact, etc? If your answer is no...start mapping out where you can "plant" a minimum of 5-10 freebie offers throughout your site. More is great if you can work them in OR you can rotate through your list of freebies if that feels more authentic.

This method of "storyboarding" and "mapping" the progression from business > website > audience will give you huge insight into how to take your website from a digital resume to a top sales employee.





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