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How To Know When A Custom Brand Is The Right Move For Your Business

Hiring a custom brand designer is no small decision. It's not only a big investment, it's a surprisingly vulnerable process. You're essentially trusting a relative stranger to “get you” well enough to translate your personality into an entire living, breathing, public-facing identity.

That can be scary!

So, how do you know if you're ready to take that big step? Here are seven GREEN FLAG signs that building a custom brand is the next step for your business.



You don't see yourself in your online presence

If you’re not looking at your website, your social feed, or any other place you show up online and thinking: THIS IS ME, that’s typically a sign you need a brand overhaul.

When we don’t show up in aligned ways online, it leads to less alignment in our business. We don’t feel as confident in how we present, and that can carry over into other areas (like how we pitch ourselves or how we interact with clients).



You're attracting clients you aren't aligned with your personality or values

Take a look at your current client load. How many of those clients are the kind of people you DREAM about working with? You know, the kind you click with right away and consider inviting to Friendsgiving? The kind that bring you that fantasy project you’ve been waiting your whole professional life for?

I’m talking about those clients.

Now, you may not have a stacked roster every month of the year, and there will inevitably be clients who edge out others on your “favorites” list, but if your brand is regularly attracting clients who are a total personality misfit, hard to work with, unreasonable, or have ABSURD expectations about what you offer…

I hate to be the bearer of this hard truth, but that’s on your branding, bestie.

A thoughtful, well-designed brand will help you attract more of the right kind of client and weed out the wrong kind.



Your mentally ready to raise your prices or go for higher end clientele but don't feel fully confident

Have you thought about pitching your service for more money or going for bigger fish clients but felt a creeping hesitation you just can’t seem to get past?