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5 Lead Magnets That Capture Emails


"How To's" and "Tip Sheets" (or cheat sheets) are a powerful marketing tool because they offer a quick and easy way to get new insight on a topic without requiring an extensive time or money commitment. They also demonstrate your knowledge base in a subject and communicate to your audience that you have more to offer on this topic if they want to delve deeper. Bottom line, tip sheets work for getting attention, growing your email network and setting the stage for potential clients to get to know your skill set.


Your audience tends to be just as busy as you are, which means if you can offer them valuable tools or already-built templates that make their professional or personal lives more seamless, they're nearly guaranteed to opt in. For someone like a mortgage professional, this could mean offering a templated excel spreadsheet that allows potential homeowners to see their monthly payment at different interest rates and home prices or a putting together a list of financial resources that help them manage and tap into their investment.


With the business frontier moving more steadily towards a fully online interface, your customers may be less likely to engage with you and your offer if your channel to accessing it requires immediate personal interaction. To become a thought leader in your industry, it's essential to allow the space needed to build credibility and trust. This means if they're not able to "automatically" get value or information from what you're offering without having to give something in return, you may lose their interest. Lead magnets are most effective when they offer automatic value and don't require your audience to get personal with you right away.


When it comes to the love language of lead magnets, "Acts of Service" go a long way in creating value with your audience. Brainstorm ways you can provide your sphere with "done-for-you" magic. For example, if you're a web designer, that may mean building and offering ready to go website templates that people can use to plug and play. For a business coach, it may mean creating a "fill in the blank" profit and loss spreadsheet. If you're a social media consultant, it could mean building a structured social media guideline that tells people what to post and when. If you're a coach for public speakers, you could create a detailed speech outline that shows people how to build an effective motivational speech. The possibilities here are endless; take a moment to get creative and think about what might be the most useful to your audience.


People value education and training that offers a quick, easy way to learn something new or further their knowledge in a certain field. Let's say you're an event planner and want to offer a valuable video on how to effectively plan a client appreciation party or wedding reception. You may feel uneasy "giving away good info for free" and your video will likely be {and should be} packed with golden nuggets of wisdom, but what's the first thing people will do when they realize they're curious about the "next steps" or simply don't want to manage all your brilliant ideas on their own? Pick up the phone and call you, maybe? I think so. You can take this lead magnet one step further by inserting an "up-sell" within your free training that naturally leads your participants to other services or trainings you offer.


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