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3 Questions To Ask To Cut To The Heart Of Your Best Brand Positioning

"I feel like I've just scratched the surface",

she said to me with a chuckle as I visually scanned her completed brand questionnaire {which just so happened to be one of the most thoughtfully and extensively completed responses that's ever graced my inbox}.

That feeling my client was experiencing...

{the "oh god my brain is running in so many different directions it feels impossible to even pick one or pin any of this down" feeling}'s a little condition I like to call "Brand Dump Brain", and it's both a normal and understandable part of the process. So much thought goes into properly defining and positioning your brand. Which means as a business owner, it's very easy to hide under a weighted-blanket and:

👉🏼 Skip the hard questions that differentiate you in your industry because they seem too impossible or intangible to ever answer

👉🏼 Look to other people's businesses and try to emulate what's working - which isn't a bad strategy when you're scouting examples of successful business models but when you're trying to communicate what makes your brand special 🚫🙅🏼‍♀️ {not so much}

👉🏼 Find yourself running a business that's centered entirely on selling a service with no deeper mission, creative direction, or sense of community

👉🏼 Become so overwhelmed trying to figure it out that you end up throwing your laptop off the nearest bridge

Earlier this week, I posted three questions I ask in my brand questionnaire that are:

A) The worst "Brand Dump Brain" offenders, and...

B) The most important things you need to ask of your business if you want to understand how to position yourself as a brand and attract people who are OBSESSED with what you do.

Because your wildest career dreams don't happen when you tout a service. They happen when you create a MISSION, a meaning, and a movement behind what you do.

And that takes some real deep diggin'.

So, today I'm popping into your inbox with an espresso vodka on the rocks {because these questions are not for the tired or faint of heart} to do a little excavation and talk about WHY the answers to these questions will unlock massive clarity for your business.


What is the number one problem your ideal client needs you to solve?

This one is sneaky.

It seems easy upfront, but as you work to answer it, you'll most likely discover that your service actually comes with a MYRIAD of solutions for all sorts of problems your client is facing.

So, why is it important to break it down to ONE {the most pressing} problem?


Because your message is 10 times more effective when it hits on one impactful pain point.

Our brains are drawn to simple messaging that's clear and easy to understand - with little room for interpretation, it's easy for us to recognize that "Ah, this is for me" moment. Your client may have 20 different issues you can help with, but you're going to get them on your website, social feed, email list, phone, {etc} over one.

Once you've captured their attention over one highly relevant issue and gotten them to take the desired action to {check out your social feed, visit your website, etc}, that's the time to show how helpful you can be in other areas.


If a journalist were to write an article on your brand today, what would the headline be?

Arguably the most headache-inducing question of all, this is what we in the industry like to call "a doozy".

The sole point of this exercise {because it's really more of an exercise than a question, let's be honest} is to figure out if what you're offering has enough punch-pow-pizzazz to grab attention in the endless scroll, cluttered inboxes, and virtual wastelands of the vast internet.

In other words:

Are you newsworthy enough?

Does your brand have a hook that makes people say "Ooh", "Aah" or other unintelligible exclamations and actually WANT MORE.

A fair warning: You will mostly likely not produce a satisfactory answer to this question in one sitting {unless you have a full 8-hour day to focus on it, and then you might have a shot}.

You will need to stew and marinate and stretch your brain to its limits to think of something unique enough about who you are and what you do to transform it into an eye-catching, head-turning headline.

But despite the mental gymnastics, the answer will give you direct insight into how to most effectively position your brand to create massive influence, instant follows, "DUH" opt-ins, and "TAKE MY MONEY" level fans.

Here's an example of a brand that has an undeniably news-worthy hook that you either immediately love or immediately know ISN'T for you {which is just as valuable in creating brand community}.


If you weren't doing this for money, what would your perfect project/client look like?

This is your opportunity to have some fun. Sit down with a pen and paper or at your laptop and let your imagination run wild:

Who is your dream client? In what capacity are you serving {and not serving} them? What does your most rewarding client process look like? What does the result of your work together look like? Be as detailed as possible in painting this picture.

You'll be tempted to let the limiting beliefs in your head that operate under the guise of "practicality" stop you from wanting anything TOO big, but tell that little voice to take a hike and don't hold back.

When you're done, you'll have a clear vision of the type of client and project that naturally align with your mission and speaks to how you love serving people the most.

This "north star" will become your new guide to creating authentic, heart-led content and brand positioning that's all built around drawing THAT client to your doorstep.


How we feeling?

If that felt like a lot to take in, you're not alone.

Putting real intention behind your brand is a lot of work, and sometimes what you really need is someone to hold your hand through this process, take the creative lead, and help you see yourself in a clearer light.

If that's the case for you, let's schedule a discovery call to talk about how we can work together to create a brand you're wildly aligned and madly in love with.





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