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Overcoming Limiting Beliefs As An Entrepreneur

I was not voted “Most Likely to Build a Business Empire” in high school {I know, you're shocked.}.

In fact, my young adulthood consisted of a long line of customer service and administrative roles - some a revolving nightmare (trust me when I say Quiznos-sub-sandwich is a smell that lingers on your hair/clothes/soul), and some I genuinely adored (mostly because of amazing leadership).

In my teenage years, I had several close friends who seemed destined for the business ownership lifestyle, but somehow I never imagined this reality for myself. It all seemed too big and too complex for me.

I told myself I wasn’t good with numbers, my ideas weren’t creative enough, or I lacked the technical know-how and ambition to make it happen.

Needless to say, this running track of lies was creating a real Debby Downer conversation in my head that left me stuck in a tar pit of inaction.

Then one day, someone I love and admire gave me a cold, hard reality slap to the face {figuratively, of course}. And as I looked down on my life from this new 10,000 foot view, it was tough to realize it didn’t align with my true self or the vision I had for my future.

I was letting limiting beliefs run my life.

And even worse? I was letting myself believe my “calling" would hunt me down and straighten me out like a strict but well-meaning Universal Parole Officer, without me having to take any risks.

{Yeah, right.}

That day, I decided to stop letting my fears be more important than my potential and started taking the small daily steps towards my purpose.

Does that mean I have it all figured out now?