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Overcoming Limiting Beliefs As An Entrepreneur

I was not voted “Most Likely to Build a Business Empire” in high school {I know, you're shocked.}.

In fact, my young adulthood consisted of a long line of customer service and administrative roles - some a revolving nightmare (trust me when I say Quiznos-sub-sandwich is a smell that lingers on your hair/clothes/soul), and some I genuinely adored (mostly because of amazing leadership).

In my teenage years, I had several close friends who seemed destined for the business ownership lifestyle, but somehow I never imagined this reality for myself. It all seemed too big and too complex for me.

I told myself I wasn’t good with numbers, my ideas weren’t creative enough, or I lacked the technical know-how and ambition to make it happen.

Needless to say, this running track of lies was creating a real Debby Downer conversation in my head that left me stuck in a tar pit of inaction.

Then one day, someone I love and admire gave me a cold, hard reality slap to the face {figuratively, of course}. And as I looked down on my life from this new 10,000 foot view, it was tough to realize it didn’t align with my true self or the vision I had for my future.

I was letting limiting beliefs run my life.

And even worse? I was letting myself believe my “calling" would hunt me down and straighten me out like a strict but well-meaning Universal Parole Officer, without me having to take any risks.

{Yeah, right.}

That day, I decided to stop letting my fears be more important than my potential and started taking the small daily steps towards my purpose.

Does that mean I have it all figured out now?


Does it mean I’m always 100% sure of what I’m doing or the next step to take?

Of course not.

Entrepreneurship is messy {by nature}. And doing something for the first time is bound to produce mistakes. But you wanna know the good news? There's a whole mess of people out there who can't wait to help you succeed {like me!}.

And because serving others is a passion of mine, I wanted to share a few things I've learned along the way about overcoming my own limiting beliefs in the hopes that it will help you claim the life that's waiting on the other side of yours.


1) Change Your Relationship With Failure

Most of us are conditioned to think failure looks like: getting a “D” on a test, not scoring the winning goal, not getting the promotion, or going into debt.

These traditional ideas of failure are taught to us throughout our young years, and are often (knowingly or unknowingly) reinforced by the most influential people in our lives.

When we think of failure in terms of our worthiness or ability, it’s easy to see how it can slowly eat away at our self-confidence. It leaves us with layers of hesitation and self-doubt that stunt forward motion and growth.

Entrepreneurship forces us to re-arrange our relationship with failure. Rather than seeing it in the traditional sense, "failure" should begin to look like: giving up when things get hard, not being resourceful, being a poor leader, being too afraid to make mistakes, and not learning from those mistakes once they’re made.

That doesn’t mean it’s going to feel good when you make mistakes or when you don’t feel like you’re excelling at the level you should be, but have faith that life is not 100% about feeling good - struggle is a necessary part of the process {plus, don't you think your dream life is worth a little bit of discomfort?}.


“One thing is sure in business. You and everyone around you will make mistakes.”

- Richard Branson

“There is very little learning in success.”

- Michael Dell -