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6 Ways AI Will Change Your Business in the Next Decade {and beyond}

You can feel it in the air.

We're on the cusp of something novel, exciting and unexplored:

a technological revolution.

While some of us may feel a bit uncertain about what this means for our job security, our economy and our privacy, there’s no doubt that AI’s potential to help us leverage business processes is enough to make you dust off your pom-poms and brush up on your best “RAH-RAH” cheers.

With AI, machine learning and automation representing the fast-approaching next frontier, companies like Tenfold - a service that helps companies seamlessly integrate their phone and CRM systems for intuitive, real-time correspondence - are pioneering the path to a digital utopia flowing with milk and honey.

This week, we were lucky enough to get a little insight from their team on just how AI will transform the way businesses operate in 2018 and beyond.

Here’s what we learned:


1) More Personalization

For those resistant to integrating AI & automation solutions into their business due to the current lack of personalization present in the industry, worry no more. New technology will allow AI to understand your customers on a WHOLE ’nother level and tailor customized content and responses based on peak browsing times, patterns in click/browser behavior, and even emotional cues, bringing more "humanity" to the technological interfaces that help you run a profitable business and stay sane {which is nothing to sneeze at}.

2) Dynamic Online Spaces

With dynamic landing pages, websites, advertising and media buying, AI is able to maximize the impact of online content with words and arrangements that would be most appealing to your customers using machine learning and data analysis. As a believer in the stance that copy is what truly sells a customer or working with or buying from you, we think that's a pretty big deal. Dynamic web spaces will give your company the potential to increase conversions like WHOA by simply giving customers the content they’re most likely to respond to {which is super swell for your bottom line}.

3) Lead Nurturing

Arguably the most exciting skill set AI will adapt in the coming years, technology-driven lead nurturing is predicted to produce 20% more sales opportunities through real-time, intelligent content targeting that knows how to mimic and analyze human behavior. Not only does this mean introducing content to your audience at optimal times based on their recent actions, it means the ability to continue tailoring content based on what your customer does and doesn’t respond to, even factoring in the speed of their scrolling (i.e. what’s catching their eye and what’s not). #MindBlown. With technology like this on our side, business owners will be able to reduce hundreds of soul-sucking man hours entrenched in time-consuming follow up activities that take them away from their true genius zone - creating new and amazing value for their customers.

4) Optimized Advertising

"Machine learning”, the process of analyzing and interpreting data and statistics, is paving the way for content experiences that feel"humanly" intuitive and make sense with our everyday needs. We’re starting to see a lot of this AI behavior in the digital marketplace already - I can’t be the only one who’s searched for organic olive oil on Amazon and suddenly my feeds are drowning in it - but new developments will continue to streamline and refine this process. With optimized advertising, AI will not only be able to provide ads that understand your customer's needs based on their recent searches but will analyze the TYPES of ads your customers are most responsive to and help you upsell the right products at the right times based on clicks, scroll behavior, email open rates and more.

5) Intelligent Customer Service

Have a customer that needs help with an order issue at 3:00 in the morning when you’re dead asleep and sawing logging? AI can help with that. Have a customer that needs to access communication or purchase history data quickly? AI’s got you covered. Have a customer that just wants to talk to a damn person already? Believe it or not, AI has your back there too! That’s right, intelligent chatboxes run by AI will even be able to detect emotions like frustration and anger and transfer service calls to a person when needed, not to mention serve as a highly-intelligent customer care representative 24/7, 365.

6) Integrated Automation

To an entrepreneur, “automation” is pretty much the equivalent of whispering sweet nothings in our ear. Luckily, the wonder of automation has only just begun. In the upcoming years, we’ll see automation in 1) business operations, such as understanding the exact online journey our customers have taken with our company before we ever actually talk to them, 2) accounting processes, bye-bye tedious data entry and 3) payroll/HR, such as programs that automatically send the proper documentation to the IRS on your behalf throughout the year so you can stay compliant without ever having to actually...touch paperwork {the entrepreneurial equivalent of a dirty word}. We’re willing to bet you’re not mad about that one!


To check out Tenfold’s full article and learn even more ways AI is going to make your business world AH-MAZING in the coming years, click here.


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