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10 Holiday Touch Ideas That Don't Suck

The holidays present the perfect opportunity for us as business owners to reach out to our sphere, say hello and remind people we exist (hopefully they won’t need much reminding). If you’ve spent much time in the world of entrepreneurship, you’ve likely seen a wide array of “holiday touches”, from the go-to Starbucks gift card to recipe postcards to full blown carolers on your doorstep {God bless you}. If you find yourself approaching the holidays each year wondering how to reach out to your sphere in a way that isn’t cheesy, thoughtless or boring, we’ve got your back. Here are our top ten tips this holiday season to connect with your audience in ways they’ll actually enjoy.


Most people, when presented with the opportunity to do something good, will gladly accept the challenge. Bring this meaningful chance to your tribe by inviting them to join you in donation to a cause you're passionate about. Whether that’s leaving empty bags on their doorstep for food donation and chatting them up when you return on "pick-up day" or sharing the story of a charity that’s close to your heart and asking for a reasonable holiday donation, involving your people in a feel-good campaign brings joy to you, your clients AND the people you’re helping.

Pro tip: If you go the cash donation route, make sure to communicate how you’ll be participating or matching donations so they understand it’s a “group effort”.


Want to take a more hands-on approach in your community this holiday? Find a local volunteer center or event that can accommodate a larger group and invite your sphere to come join you in volunteering on a set day and time frame! Try to pick something that might be especially needed during the holiday time of year such as a soup kitchen, clothing drive center, etc. This will give you a chance to reconnect and chat face to face with your sphere while you do something good for others.


A holiday give-away gives you the unique opportunity to do something cool for your sphere and (sneakily) get something in return. Announce that you’ll be gifting a weekend get-away, some amazing professional sports tickets, a holiday train ride for four or ANY other cool experience you can think of that your audience can get excited about. Let participants know their names will be entered into the drawing in exchange for whatever is most valuable to you at the time; such as an email address (to grow your email list), a testimonial (for past clients), a gratitude social media post tagged to your business (to grow your influence and get people looking at your company). The options are endless!

Pro tip: 1) This creates the most impact if the give-away item is an EXPERIENCE rather than a possession. Experiences are more valued and harder to come by than a pair of fluffy holiday slippers. 2) Whoever your winner is, ask them to send you a photo of them enjoying their winning experience (whatever that may be). You can use this to remarket yourself in email campaigns and on social media after the holidays are over (“So thrilled that the ________ family won our holiday give-away this season! We love providing cool experiences to our tribe” #GiveJoy *insert photo*)


Not only is video the fastest growing marketing trend in 2017, it’s an opportunity to get real with your circle and share something that feels a little more personal than a card. If you have a business team, ask each team member to sit down and share one thing they’re grateful for this year, one thing they learned this year and one goal or aspiration for the coming year. If you’re a solo entrepreneur, give your sphere a glimpse of your BIG WHY for doing what you do everyday and make a gratitude video with your family. If you have young kids, have fun with it and throw in some bloopers. Your sphere will love to see a personal side of you and will feel even more connected to your business knowing their participation and referrals are helping you fund an amazing life for your family.


While most people will agree they’d prefer to always shop locally and support the businesses in their communities, sometimes convenience can take priority and they end up buying Christmas gifts on Amazon or at Target (life gets busy, we can all relate). This holiday season, make supporting the community easy on your sphere by compiling and sending a list of locally owned businesses that are great for buying Christmas gifts. Include a photo of the shop, a short description and a list of things you might be able to find there (aka: home goods, art, leather goods, etc).

Pro tip: You might even try contacting each shop you include on the list, let them know what you’re doing and ask if they’d be willing to display your business card or a small marketing flyer about your business in their brick and mortar as a promotional exchange.


Studies have proven again and again that we vastly underestimate people’s willingness to assist when we ask for help. Bring out your sphere’s inner good samaritan this holiday season by being transparent about your year and clearly stating your goals for the coming year. If you’re a business coach, let them know you were able to increase your client’s revenue by such-and-such an amount across the board and your goal is to sign so-many new coaching clients in 2018, who do they know that could benefit from one-on-one coaching? If you’re a real estate agent, let them know you were able to help so-many families realize the dream of homeownership in 2017 and you want to double it in 2018, who do they know looking to make a move in the coming year? Whatever your profession and goals, make sure your message is about helping others, not about personal gains.


Partner with some local businesses to throw a fancy soiree this holiday season, charge a cover and donate the proceeds. Or keep it more low key by hosting a potluck event and taking the leftovers to a local homeless shelter or food donation center. You can get creative with ways to give back at your event but make sure your attendees know how they’re helping out so everyone can feel warm and fuzzy inside.


The holidays are stressful. Especially when you’re playing host. Send your sphere something they’ll actually use and compile a list of helpful holiday hacks. You can tailor some specifically to parents of young children, those preparing the big dinner feast or people needing to travel for the holidays. Make it even more effective by ditching the words and composing your list in video form. Trust us, the internet is FILLED with holiday hack videos, so the work is really done for you. {Thanks YouTube!}


Make your holiday card memorable by amping up the humor factor. Whether you want to gather your business team or your family, get creative with your holiday photo! Dawn the ugly Christmas sweaters, wear the velvet pants, rock the side-ponytail in a Santa scrunchie and take a hilarious holiday photo to slap on your Seasons Greetings card. Not only will you be putting your face and name in front of your sphere of influence, you’ll get the added benefit of making people laugh AND staying on their mind {and fridge} way after the envelope is opened.

Because who doesn't want to hang onto a holiday card like this? {Maybe don't steal a baby goat for your photo, just saying...}


While visiting the Mall Santa is a magical experience for most children, it’s unfortunately a nightmare for most parents. Standing in line for an hour and a half with three squirming children is hardly Mom’s idea of a fun time. Make a visit to Santa easier on Mom and Dad this year by hosting a Santa in a more low-key environment and inviting families to come and take a turn sharing Christmas wishes. No place to host? Try reaching out to a locally owned business to see if they’d be willing to accommodate you in exchange for exposing their business to a gaggle of potential new customers.

Pro tip: If you DO decide to partner with a local company for space use, make it worth their while by choosing a business where your visitors are likely to actually make a purchase while there, such a as a gift shop or local coffee joint.


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